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Qualification standard of LED cosmetic mirror

LED makeup mirror is something commonly used in our life nowadays, so its quality and efficacy are highly valued by people. In order to allow people to have a clearer understanding of their own use of LED makeup mirror, I take you to recognize the qualification standards of LED makeup mirror.

1. Mirror: no black spots and sandblasted bad (burrs, missing edges) illuminate the object without twisting and deformation, there can be no gaps and cracks, the mirror surface must be clean when packing, there can be no fingerprints and other stains;

2. Plastic part: there can be no rotten, cracked, Phi Feng, deformation, poor fit, scratching, color mixing, dirt and other shortcomings;

3. The electric surface is not allowed to have sand holes, plating peeling, leakage of plating, flowers and other shortcomings, pay special attention to rust;

4. All kinds of labels should be well pasted, well printed and correctly positioned;

5. The color box should not be wrinkled and torn.



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