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Do you know the principle of LED light-emitting mirror?

LED lighted mirror, refers to the LED lights can be brought to carry out the light-emitting mirror, some LED makeup mirror can also be called LED light-emitting mirror or commonly known as light-emitting mirror. It also has another more common name is LED light mirror. This kind of LED light-emitting mirrors have two key types: one is the mirror of the external LED light strip, and one is the mirror of the hidden LED light strip. The difference between them is whether they can see the LED light strip, can not see the light strip is hidden LED light strip mirror.

At this stage, most of the LED makeup mirror on the market is hidden LED strip mirror and LED light bulb mirror, according to the design program is very good to hide the light strip, looks more beautiful and generous.

LED light-emitting mirrors compared to the general mirror, because of its own additional light-emitting role, so it can shine a little clearer, some LED light-emitting mirrors on the top side is also the role of high magnification. Can be stronger makeup mirror when the clarity, convenient for some daily applications.



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